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Do you need a photo?

Our photos are guaranteed to meet government specifications, or your money back. No appointment necessary.

We offer while you wait photos for your passport, visa, permanent residence, citizenship, status card and firearms applications. It only takes a few minutes to process your image and we offer a money back guarantee on all our photos.

Need a photo for your baby? No problem! We pride ourselves in photographing your little one in the safest manner possible.

Walk-ins are available, or you can book an appointment using our online booking service. We'll have you on your way with your photos in no time at all.

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Helpful Tips

We recommend that you wear a dark colored shirt and to avoid hoodies, scarves or any clothing that is bulky around the neck and shoulder area. Hair may be worn down, but must be worn so that your face is clearly visible.

Please allow extra time for babies and photos of small children. It's best to wait until they are awake, fed and happy for best results.

For the full list of Canadian photo requirements, please visit the appropriate link below:
        Passport Photo Requirements
        Permanent Residence Photo Requirements
        Citizenship Photo Requirements
        Status Card Photo Requirements 
        Firearms Photo Requirements

For non-Canadian photos, please try to have a copy of the photo requirements with you when you visit us in store.

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