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Do you have something you need framed?

Here at Framed! we believe that your art, photos and memorabilia deserve to be displayed beautifully. With hundreds of options available in store for framing and matting, we can help you design the perfect frame for your item that will also look wonderful in your home.

We pride ourselves in offering custom framing for every budget, big or small. Our goal is to help you get your items onto your walls, so you can enjoy them.

Whether you need a new item framed, or you need to spruce up an old frame with new matting and glass, stop by our retail location and see how we can help you!

Large or small, we frame it all!

In addition to the usual photographs, paintings and prints we frame every day, we are also used to framing a variety of other items.

• Needlework
• Hockey Jerseys
• Sports Memorabilia
• Clothing
• Collages
• Puzzles
• Pastel Art
• Degrees and Awards
• Children’s Art Projects
• Papyrus Art
• Mirrors
• Historical Documents
• Historical Memorabilia
• Plaques and Medals
• 3D Keepsakes

...and so much more! Check out our Photo Gallery for some inspiration!

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It's what's inside that counts.

Framing is not only about hanging your item on the wall. It's also about protecting and preserving your work of art from the elements. The materials we use that come in contact with your art are always acid free - this includes the matboards, the mounting board and the hinging tape or other methods of mounting for 3D items. 

In addition to using the proper materials, we strive to always mount your item in a way that is reversible, without leaving any residue or damage if it ever needs to be removed from the frame.

Finally, we have a selection of glass and acrylic available in store that is UV protective. Nothing damages art faster than direct UV light over time. Let us help you find the right glazing to display your art behind.

We offer no obligation quotes, so stop by our retail location with your art and we would be happy to discuss your project with you.

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